Sunday, 11 August 2013

Quiet Times: Part One.

As a freelancer you are certain to go through quiet times, where the work is scarce and the funds are low. DO NOT LOSE HOPE! As far as I've experienced the best thing you can do in these times is stay positive. My suggestions:

See good friends.
There is nothing more comforting to the soul than spending quality time with quality people. 

Make new friends.
This is a really good idea. The more people you meet the better. Not only will the variety of people you meet add to the spice of life, but the more people you meet - the more jobs you will find. This is indisputable. You never know who you will meet, and to increase your chances of finding work through your new friends; move in the right circles. Find events that are likely to have the right type of people attending. I know that Raindance often have events that are useful to people like us.

Eat good food.
This may seem trivial, but I highly recommend it. Keeping yourself well fed, but also healthy is key. Filling yourself with junk will only accentuate your negative thoughts. It shouldn't be a question of money either - whilst you have free time you might consider learning how to cook. Cooking can save you a lot of money; it can also help you make new contacts - host dinner parties, BBQ's and lunches. You can impress people by giving them good food.

This is an example of what I eat for breakfast; I must say, it's incredibly uplifting!

Low Fat Greek Yoghurt
Honey (from a squeezy, otherwise it's just too darn messy!)

And the surprising thing is that it's not even that expensive, because there are so many things to put in the bowl, you use very little of each ingredient. 

A tip for granola: I find whatever Granola is on offer, there is always bound to be one. The one I use at the moment is Crunchy Nut granola with dark chocolate pieces. Dark chocolate is good energy and is a lot healthier than milk chocolate.

More advice to come in future posts!

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